Family History

This project is the initiative of Welcome Simelane to trace the family trees of both his maternal and paternal sides. It is meant to empower current and future generations that are related to welcome on his maternal and paternal families.

Welcome was literally raised by the family of his mother, until the age of 16, when in 1978 for the first time; he met his biological father in Maputo, Mozambique. Welcome grew-up in a family where there were five (5) children and several adults and he had difficulties to understand how he was linked and related to the people he grew-up knowing that they were his family.

It was: Gogo Mam’Mthombeni, Mamncane aka Nzepu Beauty Mthombeni, Malume Solly Ngwenya, Malume Makhanda Mthombeni, Mamkhulu Kini. These were the adults of the family. Mamkhulu Kini was staying with her family [children] in Pimville. Her Children were Mbube, Queen and Hazel

Malume Solly aka Ngwenya was married to Musa affectionately known as Malumekazi whom they have a child with named Sthembiso. There are other two children that malume Solly fathered with two different women. Their names are Bheki and Sibongile. The particulars of their mothers are not known.

Malumekazi is still alive. She stays in Zola, Soweto. She has other two children that she brought with into her marriage with Malume Solly. These are Thembelihle and Nomvula.

Mamncane Nzephu never had children of her own and was never married. He had a fiancé though that she stayed with in Dube, Soweto. She came home [Rockville] on Fridays. She would spend the weekends with the children [Mfariseni, Gimberane, Welcome, Mamiky and Smangele]. Welcome’s mother was staying with his step-father in another house in the same neighbourhood in Rockville.

Very little is known about Gogo Mam’MThombeni and Malume Makhanda. There is a portrait hanging in the main bedroom in Rockville [962 Mkhize Street] of Mkhulu Benjamin Mthombeni and his wife, particulars not known. The two are believed to be the biological parents of Matopi, Mncane Nzephu, Mamkhulu Kini, Sis Thandi, Malume Solly and Malume Makhanda.

All adult family members of the Mthombeni family have since passed on.

The children in the family were sis Thembi who was a grown-up person then. She had two children of her own Mamiky Agnes Mthombeni, Smangele Mthombeni. The other children were Simon Mfari seni Mthombeni aka Ndou and Gimberane Mthombeni, Welcome Simelane.

Sis Thembi, Mfari and Gimberane’s mother was Matopi. The three were fathered by different fathers. Sis Thembi’s father is not known, however; there is information that her father could be a certain oldman that was referred to as Mkhulu Duma [late]. Who was residing in Rockville. This information is still yet to be confirmed. Mfari’s father is a certain Mudau from Limpopo Province. It is said that Gimberane’s father came from Nyambane Province in Mozambique.

Mamiky’s father who has since passed on, was Moses Motlhakoana. Moses lived in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State. His close relative are found in Bloemfontein.

After the death of Mamncane Nzephu and Welcome’s mother, sis Thembi moved in with her fiancé Daniel Thabethe whom later had a child that they named Sibsiso Mthunzi Welcome Thabethe. Sis Thembi as the eldest in the children, she had the responsibility to look after the other children and be the head of the family. It’s not known why Malume Solly never became the head of the family, as he had a stable job and lived with the children.

Those that know the history say that once upon a time there were two (2) siblings, one called Maseko and the other called Simelane. Their father was called Ndlovu. The two siblings were travelling to a certain destination and as they were walking Maseko picked some wild grass and tided it around the tree for reference purpose. This was to ensure that on their way back home, they don’t use a wrong route. Apparently that exercise in isiSwati is called ukuSEKWA. This is how the name Maseko came about.

Sibusiso is married to Aletta Mokgoko and have a daughter called Sihle. Both Sibusiso’s parents have since passed on.

Mfari has two children that are known with different women. The names of the children are Mduduzi who is late and Sibusisiwe. Mfari is married to a certain Makhosi, real name not known.

Mfari has other siblings from his paternal father. Their particulars are not known.

Gimberane had a child named Ronald with Thoko. Both Gimberane and Thoko are late. The boy is alive and Ronald was raised by the grandmother of his mother.

Mamiky has twins named Manila aka Bhuti and Manini aka Sisi Moyo. Their father is Micheal Moyo.

Smangele’s father is Stanley Majola [late]. She has a daughter with Jabulane Mbatha. They have a daughter called Zinhle. She has a child with Bafana Mawathi called Bonga.

Welcome’s maternal mother was staying with her husband and his little sister Lindi. These are the only people that he knew he was related too in the entire family.

There are other people that are relatives of the Mthombenis, but Welcome also cannot trace how they are related to the Mthombenis. These are Themba and Sonto Mavimbela from Orlando East, Mamkhulu Getrude in Natalspruit. She gave birth to three children, Bhuti fana, Thandi and Sombheki. Fana and Sombheki are late. Same in Natalspruit there is Qhakazile’s family. She had two daughters.

Mam’khulu’s mother was also known as Gogo Mthombeni.

When Welcome was growing – up the head of the family was mamncane Nzephu. She was the pillar and life blood of the entire family. She was the glue that kept the family together. Unfortunately the family disintegrated after she passed on. The unity that was there gradually disappeared.

Welcome’s mother , his father, mamncane Nzephu, sis Thembi and Bra-Dan worked at United Tobacco Company (UTC) at different times.

In the mid 90’s upon his return from exile, he attempted to inquire from Mamkhulu Getrude how he was related to the children that he was raised up with, but his enquiry fell on deaf ears and dismissed as being too inquisitive. Up until today, Welcome cannot give an accurate or proper account of the family tree from his mother’s side. What is known though is that his grandfather was called Benjamin Mthombeni and his granny is only known as GogolaNgwenya.

The failure on Welcome’s part to trace the family tree on his maternal side, prompted him to come-up with this initiative. This project is therefore meant to benefit current and future generations on the family tree of Welcome Simelane. It should be regarded as work in progress, as there is still a lot of information that is outstanding from his maternal and paternal side.

The other sibling, who later became Simelane, when they were suppose to go home, he was squatting next to the river and Maseko asked him what was he doing there squatting. Translated loosely in isiSwati its uSIMAMELENI lapho and this is how he became Simelane.


The very first of the Simelane was Scaphuna Simelane. Scaphuna is the root from which the family originated from. Unfortunately the family lack any real information about him. However, it is said that he was King Sobhuza's right hand man. He lead Sobhuza's army (AMABUTHO) during intertribal warfares, in particular with King Shaka Zulu's army.

Scaphuna had 3 children, Songolwane Simelane being one of them. No information on their date of birth has been retrieved as yet. Songolwane had six (6) children. Five (5) were girls and only one (1) boy. There is no information on the girls. The boy was called Mlozi Hununu Simelane. He had two (2) wives.

The first wife was called Christina Lomajaji Simelane (maiden name Sfundza). Her mother was Lombango Sfundza (maiden name Mnisi). No details on her father's particulars. His surname though was Sfundza. Mlozi (Known as Granpa Mlozi) had seven (7) children with grandma Christina. Their first born was Nhlanganiso Josiah Simelane, second born was Tryphina Mshuluwane Mthembu (Maiden name Simelane). Third born was John Simelane. Fourth born was Belina Simelane. Fifth is Solomon Mlayizeni Simelane. Sixth was Moses Simelane and last born was Julia Mashigo. Mlozi (Known as Granpa Mlozi) never had children with his second wife Gogo LaMagongo. It has since emerged that Grandpa Mlozi had a child with a certain Makhumalo; they had a female child. This child is still alive, somewhere in Mbombela Mpumalanga.

Nhlanganiso fathered ten (10) known children, with three (3) different women. First born is Thulasizwe, second are twins Thoko & Busi, Million Simelane. Their mother was Lankhonjelwa (late). Another child is Thandi Simelane, with another woman and the rest of the children have their mother who's particulars are not available, Phindile Simelane, Mpumelelo Norman Simelane, Philisiwe Simelane, Jabulile Simelane and Zamokwakhe Simelane.

Tryphina had three (3) children with a certain Mthembu. The children were Petros, Thomas Mthembu and Elizabeth Mathebula, maiden name Mthembu. Petros and Thomas are late. It is alleged that Tryphina left South Africa together with her husband Mthembu either for Zimbabwe or Mozambique. The late Thomas had six (6) children with the late Mankosi. Both had six (6) children. Magimbilizi, Joshua (late), Bongiwe, Zandile, Zodwa and Mpundulo. Elizabeth is married to Bandi Johnsen Mathebula and they have seven (7) children together. First born is Musa Moses, Ali Solomon (late), Phetheni Victoria, Dumisani Hilton, Nomsa Patricia, Fanikie Lameck and Wandile Amanda. There is no information available about Thomas. More accurate information of Tryphina and particulars will be given at a later stage With regard to John Simelane, he had only one child named Johannes Simelane. John is late.

Belina had two (2) children. Saki and Anah. There are no details are available of Belina. Information will be gathered later and be made available.

Solomon Mlayzeni Simelane: was born on 24 February 1936, in Barbaton Mpumalanga. Solomon has five (5) children who are alive. First born is the late Walter Mashigo. His late mother was Sheila Mashigo. Walter had three (3) children. Sheila, Thabang Skosana and S’Boniseni Mashigo. Details of their mothers will be provided later.

Second born is Victoria Lemmy Chauke. Her mother is Bella She has two (2) children, Bonolo and Lethabo Chauke. Details of date of birth of Lemmy will be provided later, as well as particulars of her divorced husband.

Third born is Justice Kegorilwe. His mother is Mserwa Kegorilwe. Justice has three (3) daughters. Lerato, Mathebe and Karabo. Justice’s particulars date of birth and wife’s will be made available at some point

Fourth born is Welcome Simelane. He was born on 11 October 1962, in Rockville, Soweto. His late mother was Thandi Agnes Thwala. After Welcome’s father had left the country in the 60’s for exile as a volunteer with the African National Congress (SA), his mother got permission from grandma Christina to be involved in a matrimonial relationship with Josiah Condraf Thwala. It is not clear what is the real maiden name of Welcome's mother. Welcome grew up knowing that his mother was a Mthombeni. It has since emerged that there is a Mtsweni on Welcome mother's side. Welcome is still investigating on these surnames, including Ngwenya.

Welcome has six (6) children. First born is Mlozi born 27 July 1987 in Morogoro, Tanzania. Second born is Mlayzeni Simelane born on 31 May 1993 in Johannesburg. Siobhan Thandi Simelane born on 06 December 1996 in Pretoria. Siphokazi Marcia Shabungu born on 01 March 2003 in Mbombela, Mpumalanga. Amanda Michelle aka Gogo Langwenya Simelane born on 2007 in Pretoria and Songolwakhe Bandile Miguel Simelane born on 24 May 2013 in Pretoria. Mlozi and Thandi’s mother is Maurren Thobekile Dorah Simelane, maiden name Mabuza. Mlayizeni’s mother is Regina Elizabeth Mashinini, maiden name Macamo. Siphokazi, Amanda and Songolwakhe’s mother is Siduduzo Precious Nkosi. Welcome has a sister named Beauty Lindiwe Shabalala. Lindiwe is married to Sipho Doctor Shabalala. Both have three chlldren. First born is Palesa, Sindisiwe and Gcinumuzi. Sindi has a child called Msa.

Fifth born is Mpande Simelane born on 11 November 1981. His late mother was Joyce Simelane, maiden name Flayser. He is married to Michelle Georgette Louis. Mpande has other siblings, Ann Ngutshane and Carlos Flayser. Ann is married to Enos Ngutshane and they have two daughters. They have four children. First born is Kalid, second born ..., third born is Khanyisile and the last born is Nthabiseng. Family information of Carlos will provided at a later stage.

Sixth is Sandile Simelane and last born is Siphelele Simelane. Dates of birth will follow in due course. Their mother’s name is Lungile Mtshali.

Moses Simelane died aged two (2) suspected of Malaria.

Julia Mashigo last born of Gogo Christina’s children. Julia was conceived after Mlozi’s death from a certain Mashigo. Julia is late. Details of her date of birth and death will be furnished in due course.

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